We specialize in manufacturing appliance cleaning products that combat everything from mold, mildew, soap scum, fatty deposits, fresh food/drink stains, and more. We also offer odor control products. Our products are designed for difficult cleaning jobs, and are a welcome relief for busy consumers who are being let down by ordinary cleaning products that simply can’t “get the job done” in an easy, effective, safe and convenient manner.

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WasherFresh Power Pac’s

Description :
> Designed for your high-efficiency washing machine
> Eliminates odor-causing mold and mildew
> Safe to touch – no unwrapping required, just drop it in and you’re done
> Keeps your laundry smelling fresh and clean, wash after wash
> Incredibly cost effective – use just one Power Pack pouch a month
> Dissolves completely and safe for septic tanks
> Environmentally friendly and biodegradeable
> Available in a variety of sizes.

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Description :
Trust LimeFresh™ to powerfully tackle your tough hardwater problems – it’s like bringing your dishes, glassware and dishwasher back to life!

> Powerfully combats stubborn film, residue and hard water spots
> Designed to work in all hard water conditions
> Extra strength power works on even the toughest problem areas
> Boosts the cleaning power of your phosphate-free detergent
> Get up to 18 powerful applications for the small bottle and 37 applications in the large bottle in a single package
> Phosphate fee, environmentally friendly and biodegradeable Septic-tank safe

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Description :
DisposalBalls™ is an easy, affordable and powerful way to show your garbage disposal who’s the boss of your kitchen!

> Powerfully dissolves fatty deposits, food residue and other odor-causing build-up
> New, pre-measured jumbo size disposal balls make easy work of tough grime
> Incredibly easy to use – just drop it in, and let it do all the work
> Leaves behind a clean and crisp orange-fresh scent
> Use once a week to keep your garbage disposal at maximum performance
> Safe to touch, no unwrapping needed, and uses no harmful chemicals
> Environmentally friendly and biodegradeable

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